Beer-Virus, Backorders, and A Rant

Important information regarding the status of your order

So this is my face right now, and here's why.

RYou're probably reading this post because you made a recent order and we want to update you on the status of that order.

First: Apparel, shirts, hoodies etc are being made and shipped normally they are just delayed because order volume has more than doubled and close to tripled. However the warehouse that makes our apparel has lot some employees and has been flooded with new orders. So naturally they are delayed but still printing and shipping.

Second: The hats. These motherf*cking hats. The snapbacks specifically. We are having an 'ice cube in hell's' luck trying to get caught up on our stock.
Here's why (in case you care, if not i don't blame you)

We have over 12,000 hats stranded at our main manufacturer who had to shut down when the first quarantine orders were issued.

"Well sh*t, alright we are Balls Deep Tackle afterall we can do this. That's why we're the sh*t"

So we found a backup shop in Illinois and just when the 2,000 blank hats we had ordered arrived there, Illinois issued it's business shut down order and that canceled our order...

"F*CK, motherf**er sunofavafishstick freaking fracker mother---"

Was my initial thought. Is this real? Alright well we will just try a red state then.

So we lined up another shop (who proceeded to price gouge us, those rooster-suckers"

Well good news, right when they sent the invoice and we were ready to proceed their state (Georgia) went crazy too AND the business decided to just shut down altogether because it's employees quit.

So when we get an email like this:
"... just send the damn hats I will be sending this all over the Internet along with my emails. I have ordered plenty of stuff through other companies on the internet and they send it within 4 days and nothing from you guys"

Like yeah every other order in history didn't have a worldwide pandemic, Einstein.

Yeah we're trying. You have no clue how hard we are trying to get these hats back in stock but it's damn near impossible right now because these embroidery shop owners won't nut up and get their asses into a shop and work.

Rant Over,
If you're sick of waiting and want a refund send a reply with your order number or email and it will be refunded immediately.