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#7 Zuckerberg Is A Confirmed Alien & Fishing Is Up Over 21%!

Welcome to What the Fish, possibly the world's worst fishing podcast presented by Balls Deep Tackle.

Show Summary - Recorded in Plentywood, Montana. Join Captain Hook and Darth Baiter as we discuss Mark Zuckerberg's alien face, funny posts from old ladies, confirmed data that fishing is up over 21%, and we laugh the hardest we have ever laughed at the end.

Resources: Zuckerberg Alien Face: https://www.ebaumsworld.com/pictures/a-picture-of-mark-zuckerberg-with-way-too-much-sunscreen-on-goes-viral/86323236/


Listen now at WhatTheFish.live and all podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, and more.

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