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Public Apology Statement

"What Are You Doing About Black Lives Matter?"

It has come to our attention that we may have offended some people in the past few days. People are upset that we did not issue posts in support of or apologizing to Black Lives Matter.

It is with deep regret that we did not issue this statement sooner.

Our Statement is As Follows:

We apologize for nothing, suck deez nutz 🥜

If you don't like it, suck deez nutz 🥜

If you think we care that we "lost customers", suck deez nutz 🥜

Matthew M. especially you can suck deez nutz 🥜

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Glad to see a American based company standing their ground.... “Hell Yea!!!!!” -Joey R.

This is beyond awesome. If only all companies stood up for themselves like this. -Jim J.

I’ll support these guys any day!!!!! Awesome gear and a company ran by Awesome Americans!!!!! -Lucas H.

I don’t even fish, and now i want to support your company! -Michael B.

And while you all are getting offended... I’m going fishing! -Danielle S. 

About Balls Deep Tackle

Why They Hate Us:

We are a family owned business and appreciate every one of our subscribers and customers! 

This serves as a warning for anyone who gets offended easily. 

We make jokes, offensive products, support Trump, we love fishing, we love guns, and we love fishing with guns. 

A lot of people think we are unbearable (we love bears), and we have received many angry messages demanding that we change our name (we won't). 

If you're still reading, congrats and welcome to the family!

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I love you guys for saying what so many think but are afraid to say! I am in the same boat, except being a female, I get called a bitch. Oh well. I’m an old granny and I don’t care. Thank you again!

Laura Ratliff

You Guys ROCK !!!
Love your stuff and love that you’re standing behind what you believe in.. keep on keeping it real..

Rhoda Woods

You guys are awesome, I love your stuff and definitely love that you stand up for your beliefs!

Stephanie Rife

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