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3 Tips on How To Crank Your Bait Nice And Slow To Nail Big Ones

Whats A Crank Bait You Say?

A crankbait is a lure spearheaded with a plastic tip or lip on the end designed to get the lure at the certain depth you feel most pleasured with. Crankbaits vary on how deep they go as they come in different sizes and variations. Also its a user defined preference and can depend on the body... of water and depth you expect to nail your big one at. 

We suggest using our Cocky Crankbait as maybe you don't have one that works very well. Or maybe you can 't get your current crankbait to go very deep. 

Step 1: Throw Your Crankbait Inside of The Body

Throw your crankbait inside the body of water where you think the fish are at. Be sure to know the general depth you're trying to achieve. Don't panic if you aren't able to nail one the first try. Be sure to practice a few times. We've all been there as beginners where we too weren't able to get our crankbaits very deep and as a results we had to quit casting our baits because with lost rhythm. So fear not. 

Step 2: Find Your Rhythm and Depth

Find a nice rhythm so you don't tire yourself out or prematurely quit.

Once you successfully find your rhythm with your crankbait and correct depth.. now the technique starts coming ;) into play. You want to be careful not to jerk the bait off too early :(.  Be sure you slowly reel it in to make the fish interested. Remember when trying to nail a big one you want to present your baits naturally. No need to muscle it in there. Remember if you crank too fast you might spook your catch.

So begin by doing a series of a couple a cranks at a time allowing the crankbait to bounce up and down in the medium. This will make the fish go wild and let's them see your bait is working. 

Step 3: Nail It Hard!

So you got your technique down and your rhythm. Now is the time to teach you how to nail a catch both nice and hard. You want to feel the bumps hitting on your crankbait. You do this by holding your rod firm but not too firm. You want to feel all the action. Now that you feel the action of the fish you want to set the crankbait nice and hard. It's your time to shine and nail the big one. So go ahead and grab your rod and let it rip. This would be the moment we all have been waiting for! Now hopefully you nailed a nice wild big one! You should be experiencing a moment of euphoria and then you may now feel tired and ready to take a nap after a long and hard day of casting your crankbait around.

Get A Cocky Crankbait So You Too Can Nail A Nice One

See Our Cocky Crankbait in Action

Don't Watch To Close Though Because That Would Be Weird...

Author - Richard Rooster

Master Crankbaiter 

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