Blessing of the Balls

Well I wanted to take a little time to sit down and think about what has happened over the past 48 hours, but we have work to do!  I am going to walk you through the amazing experience but first I just want to give a sincere "Thank You" to each one of you that have visited the website and placed orders.  WOW!  The response has been overwhelming for our products and I am really glad that most of you will get the opportunity to get your hands on our balls!  We are currently running about a week out on shipments since one of our great customer's FB post has gone viral and we are working day and night to catch up!  The ball factory is busy... 

Let me tell you that I had no clue what "going viral" meant Wednesday morning.  I am pretty damn sure I know exactly what that means today (Saturday the 19th at 1am).  I am currently running off 5 hours sleep the past 2 nights and loving every minute of it. 

When I started Balls Deep Tackle back in October with the support of my kick ass wife, I had a vision of selling our ball shaped sinkers and apparel (part time).  I mean with a bad ass name like "Balls Deep" who wouldn't have a great laugh with friends.  (unless you are one of those folks that find it tacky...that makes me laugh, have some balls and a sense of humor).  The response for our product was great right out of the gates.  We sold product online only and each week the sales continued to grow.  I found myself in a situation that I needed a graphic designer to sit around and listen to me tell terrible jokes, make memes and develop awesome promotions like "free ball'n Friday."  I was very blessed to meet one of my friend's fiancé (Candice), that was a designer and talked her into coming to work with me.  I really feel sorry for my Wife and Candice, these girls GET to listen to all my bad jokes multiple times daily!  They just grin and roll their eyes most of the time.  Back to the story...

WEDNESDAY 3/16, Candice and I were getting ready for the MidSouth Hunting and Tackle Show here in Tulsa.  It is our first trade show and we were pumped as hell to get to meet everyone.  That night about 8pm we had some orders start coming in and since that point they have never stopped (again we thank you).  Since that time we have received over 1,500 orders!  We have reached out to our apparel manufactures and placed a large order and will be restocking shirts and hats rather quickly.  We will also be adding 2x, 3x, and a few 4x per your request.  Wednesday turned out to be a record day in sales for us. 

THURSDAY 3/17, What an unbelievable St. Patrick's Day, and I didn't even have the chance to drink some green beer.  The sales continued throughout the day to the point that we didn't know how the hell we were going to handle the surge of orders, but we stayed up until 4am in the ball factory and were able to make a quite substantial amount of ball sacks (for your pleasure).  On Wednesday night I sat at my desk in disbelief of the blessings that we were receiving.  Our balls were getting some lovin' from all over the globe.  I'm pretty sure my cousin Malisa was looking down from Heaven and laughing with us the whole time, the 17th was her birthday. 

FRIDAY 3/18, As I said I was up until 4am in the ball factory, caught a couple hours of sleep and back at it at 7am ready to get some orders out.  At this point we had about 600 orders we were working on and honestly we never were able to keep up.  I had 4 great friends and family at the house ALL DAY helping get orders out and making balls.  My brother and his girlfriend were able to go man the booth at the hunting and tackle show for us so we had someone there to get some feedback.  It was truly a team effort to execute all we could. 

As I sit here after going through 183 Facebook messages and over 900 emails, I look at the number of people that took time to stop and look at our website (over 21,000 visitors).  I think about the small vision I had when I pitched my idea to my wife, and how I just wanted to make people laugh!  Now I read incredibly funny comments from our FB friends and see that our customer Josh made a post about our product and it has been shared over 20,000 times, has over 2,100 comments and over 1,700 likes.  WOW, that is what I consider "going viral."

Thank you to everyone that has purchased our product, visited the website, shared it with friends.  We are having the time of our lives, laughing endlessly and meeting some incredible new friends through this.  Please be patient with us as we work to earn your business.  If it wasn't for each of you there would be a need for a ball factory to make salty balls, schwetty balls, frosty balls, or the T-Bagger. 

Get Balls Deep!


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Hi, i have a few questions about my order and not sure where customer support or contact is to email you as i haven’t found it on the site. Please email me back. Thanks, Lenny B.

Lenny B

Last name is Ball would love a catalog. ..

Kay Ball

Please tell me you make deep deep sea balls. The really deep sea is in need of some seriously deep deep balls. 8oz. or more.

Jeffy O

Great idea…looking forward to ordering your products and apparel as soon as restocking
Is completed…I am interested
In the NUTS sorry I mean BALLS of all SIZES.. an a few EXTRA Large size T shirts to go along with my Balls!!! My son found your site an I assume he has all ready ordered something for me..So I will do the same for him and a couple of my fishing ballers…really neat wish I had thought of this..Good Fortunes!!!

walt magdziak

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