What is Balls Deep Tackle?

What kind of “nut” would come up with something like Balls Deep Tackle?  And then proceed to manufacture actual sinkers made to look like BALLS?  Well, I am that nut.  And I can assure you, this nut is taking these balls very seriously.  I am a “deep” thinker.  So I wanted to make sure when I went for the idea of balls, I went Balls Deep.  

This being my first blog post, I thought I would give you a little information on the fishing product, and fishing apparel that we offer and will be offering soon.  Obviously, we have our Balls Deep lead sinkers.  You may have not yet noticed that the different sizes come with different titles, so choose carefully when shopping for your set of balls.  We have Small Balls, Blooballs, Schwetty Balls, and Salty Balls.  Keep an eye on these, because they may literally ‘come and go rapidly.’  We have all kinds of products in the pipeline and we will be adding quickly and potentially taking some balls out of the mix just as quickly.  So scoop up your pack before someone else grabs your sack!

We will be launching a full line of apparel for any fishing, camping, hunting, or outdoors trip.  From light weight T’s to warm hoodies, we have a solid variety of Balls Deep Tackle wear for all your needs. We have slogans and taglines that are just begging to be printed on our apparel and accessories very soon.  You may want to buckle up and mentally prepare for Balls Deep Tackle to get hardcore.

Finally, we have accessories.  Stickers and koozies are up for grabs right now, and we will be adding additional Balls Deep Tackle stickers, patches, beanies and hats in the very near future. Keep your beers nice and cold while rep’n that Balls Deep koozie anywhere!  Fishing, camping, parties, NASCAR events, wherever you go, don’t forget to bring your balls and cover your brews.

Or- simply stick it.  Stick your balls right on the back of your car, boat, laptop, cooler, or whatever for an easy way to get deep with the brand.

Whatever you choose, get ready, Balls Deep is about to light up!!

SHOP NOW:  www.ballsdeeptackle.com

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I have a lot of molds for my own personal use I have never tried to sell any so now I would love to add one of your molds to my collection would that be a possibility.


Balls deep can they deep in a gal


I think the balls deep should be a little bit bigger cause the momma cats are going to want some bigger than those 1-3pound balls I say we should give them bigger balls


Do you make them in brass, I know done monkeys in need of them !!

Graham Rex

You shold do down rigger balls. Lol call them dragging balls.

Nick B

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