6.9 Fishing Tips to Land A Monster

balls deep tackle funny fishing gifts

Tips To Use On Your Next Trip

Richard Rooster

Head Cock at Balls Deep Tackle
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We aren't just an offensive brand, we try to be helpful.

So with that in mind we have put together 6.9 fishing tips to help you on your next fishing trip.

balls deep tackle funny fishing gifts

1 - Make sure to prick your finger with the hook. Trout love the scent of blood. This will make your bait more realistic.

2 - Catfish love it when you play with their whiskers. Please do that for them.

3 - Hold on to your fish. The bears are more afraid of you than you are of them.

4 - Blast music as loud as you can to attract fish from miles away.

5 - When fishing for bass, make sure to face away from the wind, and avoid crankbaits AT ALL COSTS.

6 - Fish local sewage ponds, they are overstocked with brown trout.

6.9 - When it doubt, toaster out!

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