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Behind the Screen at Balls Deep Tackle

Does anyone ever wonder who is behind the Balls Deep Tackle screen? Who is coming up with the content you may be viewing daily on our social media, answering your questions, and engaging with you on social media?

With a name like Balls Deep Tackle most would make the assumption that the person creating those raunchy, borderline inappropriate Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter posts, answering your messages on social media, and commenting on customer posts with hashtags like #allballsmatter #freeballnfriday #sizematters must be a dude. Am I right? 

Many of you might be surprised to find out on the other side of Balls Deep Tackle’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter sits a blonde GIRL who stands 5’4 ft. tall. 

Let me tell you, when first taking on this job even just telling people I worked for a company named “Balls Deep Tackle” was a struggle for me. I would often say that I worked for a fishing tackle company. You can imagine how out of my element I was coming up with content for our social media sites. At first Alan (AK) would go in and make edits and say “Lets make this a little more edgy” or “Candice, you need to stop using the word love.” I haven’t heard those phrases in a while, so I must be getting better. 

Now, the topic of BALLS has become such a normalcy for me at work, home, and in daily conversations with family and friends. To the point where I have to remind myself while I’m sitting at a nice restaurant that the 5 people sitting near don’t find it nearly as normal…hence the strange looks I’m receiving from them. 

You all may be wondering where I’m going with this or why I’m telling you this. I’m telling you this for a few reasons: One being at Balls Deep Tackle we strive to get to know our customers and interact with each and everyone of you who messages us, shares a picture, etc. I feel it is important you also know who we are! The second being to NEVER deny a job because it is out of your comfort zone, in fact take a job that is out of your comfort zone. Chances are you will GROW personally and professionally. Last, but not least - If you have the opportunity to work for a fun company, TAKE IT! Life is way more fun when you get to LAUGH every day!


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