Family is the key!

Hope this post finds everyone doing great and enjoying your weekend!  I have had an awesome weekend with my wife and daughter in Kansas City and also had some great time to reflect on everything that has happened since we started Balls Deep Tackle 5 months ago.  

I am still completely mind blown that I really have an online store and am able to sell products that 98% of the world thinks are hilarious (the 2% that think this is dumb, tacky, ignorant, etc...I appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to let me know.  lol.  Just because you are miserable doesn't mean everyone else is, besides we are talking about BALLS people).  I love to joke and play pranks on people and this product not only allows me to do that but it allows everyone else to do it as well.  I have had so many people send me messages about how much fun they are having with the product and how all their friends are getting a kick out of them.  That was the intention of launching this product!  I want to thank every customer for believing in the product and placing an order.  We truly appreciate all the support and hope you are having as much fun with it as we are.  

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