Fight for Free Speech in the DojoWhat Is the Freedom Dojo? 🇺🇸

What Is the Freedom Dojo? 🇺🇸

Welcome to the Freedom Dojo.
What is it?

This is a free speech platform for fans of Balls Deep Tackle and true Patriots

We have been repeatedly censored by Facebook, Google, and Instagram.
Our posts and ads have been banned, our audience of 500k+ people diminished and we have lost over 95% of our revenue as a result.

All because we are Pro-Gun, Pro-Life, Pro-Trump, and Pro-America.

We've been put on the censorship list by multiple companies to try and kill us off.

Well they They Can Suck Deez Nutz 🥜

They censored us and they really want to censor you...So guess what we did?


Welcome to the Freedom Dojo, Anglers and Patriots!

🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

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Are You Sick of 'Facebook Jail'? #FuckZuck

Why You Should Join Today

•100% Free - No Personal Info Required
•Offensive Memes, Un-Censored News, & a Strong Community
•We Run Frequent Giveaways and Daily Deals / Coupons
•Because FUCK Facebook
•No Censorship - A community of like-minded people with free speech

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